The Beas-Trees

An archive of Beasley Lineage Trees

Barbour, Alabama, USA


Tree: BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC

Latitude: 31.8631, Longitude: -85.389


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beasley, Addie Ruth  13 Nov 1894Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073999319 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
2 Beasley, Alpheus West  30 Dec 1860Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073824905 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
3 Beasley, Anne Elizabeth  20 Jun 1822Barbour, Alabama, USA I200007960457 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
4 Beasley, Benjamin Franklin  31 Jul 1914Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073999388 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
5 Beasley, Browder L  07 Feb 1906Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073999386 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
6 Beasley, Catherine Kate  1855Barbour, Alabama, USA I200007170551 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
7 Beasley, Daniel Franklin  01 Nov 1825Barbour, Alabama, USA I200007960462 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
8 Beasley, Daniel Frederick Jr  Abt 1901Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073999383 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
9 Beasley, Dora  14 May 1864Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073825025 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
10 Beasley, Ella  11 Jun 1857Barbour, Alabama, USA I200007170552 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
11 Beasley, Eugenia T  Abt. 1855Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073825367 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
12 Beasley, Florence  25 Jun 1855Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073304789 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
13 Beasley, Horace Ivey  25 Jan 1879Barbour, Alabama, USA I200053588708 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
14 Beasley, James C  Jan 1860Barbour, Alabama, USA I200007170553 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
15 Beasley, James Tarpley  22 Feb 1821Barbour, Alabama, USA I200007960460 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
16 Beasley, John C  Abt. 1828Barbour, Alabama, USA I200007960463 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
17 Beasley, John Floyd  10 Feb 1892Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073999316 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
18 Beasley, Joseph D  25 Sep 1897Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073999320 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
19 Beasley, Louis P  Abt. 1859Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073825369 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
20 Beasley, Louisiana N  03 May 1852Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073825365 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
21 Beasley, Martha Annie  Abt 1903Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073999384 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
22 Beasley, Mary A  1861Barbour, Alabama, USA I200007170555 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
23 Beasley, Mary Addie  27 Jun 1853Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073825366 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
24 Beasley, Mary Christina  24 Sep 1831Barbour, Alabama, USA I200007960458 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
25 Beasley, Milton Columbus  1849Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073305432 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
26 Beasley, Myrtle M  11 Jun 1915Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073269596 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
27 Beasley, Narcissa E  30 Nov 1846Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073304791 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
28 Beasley, Thomas W  10 Aug 1868Barbour, Alabama, USA I200053588706 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
29 Beasley, Thomas William  15 Feb 1856Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073306079 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
30 Bedsole, Vassie L  13 January 1870Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073999186 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
31 Brogden, Dewey  04 May 1902Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073794611 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
32 Graham, Barbara  Feb 1834Barbour, Alabama, USA I200007960456 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
33 Hurst, Ida T  29 Mar 1876Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073272406 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
34 Hurst, Joseph Marion  Nov 1846Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073272534 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
35 Hurst, Pearla Mae  02 Mar 1888Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073269337 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
36 McGilvray, Alpheus Kedron  03 Dec 1882Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073999692 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
37 Norton, Anna  Abt. 1868Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073343307 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
38 Norton, John  Abt. 1861Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073343304 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
39 Norton, Margrette  Abt. 1863Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073343305 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
40 Norton, Martha  Abt. 1861Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073343303 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
41 Norton, Willie  Abt. 1866Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073343306 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
42 Shanks, John Fletcher "Bose"  05 Apr 1853Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073279554 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
43 Spires, Mary Eva "Mollie"  22 Dec 1884Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073266695 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
44 Standifer, Horace Floyd  7 January, 1878Barbour, Alabama, USA I202385344576 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allums, Elizabeth  06 Sep 1902Barbour, Alabama, USA I42537347065 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
2 Allums, Martha Ann  11 Aug 1881Barbour, Alabama, USA I200007960454 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
3 Beasley, Daniel Frederick  27 Nov 1922Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073828236 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
4 Beasley, Daniel Frederick Jr  08 May 1963Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073999383 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
5 Beasley, George Washington  02 Feb 1921Barbour, Alabama, USA I42537347077 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
6 Beasley, Henry  Aug 1964Barbour, Alabama, USA I200053588155 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
7 Beasley, James  1836Barbour, Alabama, USA I200007960480 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
8 Beasley, John G  24 Jul 1870Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073827995 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
9 Beasley, John Wallace  05 Sep 1903Barbour, Alabama, USA I42537347068 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
10 Beasley, Joseph A  01 Mar 1939Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073829606 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
11 Beasley, Martin Luther  22 Aug 1940Barbour, Alabama, USA I42537347073 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
12 Beasley, Mary Christina  22 Apr 1910Barbour, Alabama, USA I200007960458 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
13 Beasley, William Durwood  03 Jul 1996Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073270144 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
14 Beasley, William Martin  07 May 1877Barbour, Alabama, USA I42537347081 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
15 Brown, Lavenia L  03 Jun 1921Barbour, Alabama, USA I42537347078 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
16 Capel, Malinda M  1880Barbour, Alabama, USA I200007170550 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
17 Cargill\Cargel, Eliza  Abt. 1841Barbour, Alabama, USA I202385367720 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
18 Graham, Barbara  19 Dec 1921Barbour, Alabama, USA I200007960456 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
19 Norton, Norman Asbury  01 Sep 1898Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073343302 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
20 Ramage, Ire Oscar  17 Oct 1896Barbour, Alabama, USA I200007170631 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allums, Elizabeth  Barbour, Alabama, USA I42537347065 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
2 Beasley, James S Jr  Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073271934 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
3 Beasley, James Samuel  Barbour, Alabama, USA I200053588153 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
4 Beasley, Walter Allen  Barbour, Alabama, USA I200053588154 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
5 Beasley, William Ernest  Barbour, Alabama, USA I200053588707 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
6 Beasley, William Martin  Barbour, Alabama, USA I42537347081 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
7 Spires, Albena  Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073278647 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beasley, William Martin  18 Dec 1877Barbour, Alabama, USA I42537347081 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
2 Eford, Rebecca Lucy  Barbour, Alabama, USA I200073304787 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
3 Efurd, Giles C  22 Jul 1919Barbour, Alabama, USA I202354399094 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
4 Efurd, Martha  Barbour, Alabama, USA I202354399095 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Beasley / Allums  1832Barbour, Alabama, USA F115 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
2 Beasley / Anglin  8 Jul 1850Barbour, Alabama, USA F228 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
3 Beasley / Beasley  18 Nov 1869Barbour, Alabama, USA F114 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
4 Beasley / Brown  13 Nov 1873Barbour, Alabama, USA F338 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
5 Beasley / Capel  14 May 1854Barbour, Alabama, USA F96 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
6 Beasley / Eford  12 Aug 1844Barbour, Alabama, USA F297 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
7 Beasley / Graham  12 May 1850Barbour, Alabama, USA F249 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
8 Beasley / Herring  30 Jul 1850Barbour, Alabama, USA F298 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
9 Beasley / Herring  13 Jun 1867Barbour, Alabama, USA F97 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
10 Beasley / Hulsey  31 Oct 1936Barbour, Alabama, USA F346 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
11 Beasley / Hurst  22 Dec 1907Barbour, Alabama, USA F177 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
12 Beasley / Hurst  17 May 1914Barbour, Alabama, USA F181 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
13 Beasley / McLean  20 Dec 1865Barbour, Alabama, USA F344 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
14 Beasley / Norton  28 Jan 1906Barbour, Alabama, USA F116 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
15 Beasley / Spires  28 Oct 1908Barbour, Alabama, USA F102 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
16 Beasley / Taylor  08 Dec 1853Barbour, Alabama, USA F8 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
17 Bynum / Beasley  17 Jan 1882Barbour, Alabama, USA F220 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
18 Eidson / Beasley  21 Jan 1849Barbour, Alabama, USA F63 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
19 Hurst / King  13 Aug 1871Barbour, Alabama, USA F208 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
20 Kennedy / Beasley  29 Sep 1887Barbour, Alabama, USA F113 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
21 Lindsay / Beasley  08 Jan 1846Barbour, Alabama, USA F345 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
22 McCall / Beasley  15 Aug 1869Barbour, Alabama, USA F174 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
23 McGilvary / Beasley  19 Jan 1873Barbour, Alabama, USA F92 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
24 Norton / Beasley  1858Barbour, Alabama, USA F19 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
25 Shanks / Beasley  1845Barbour, Alabama, USA F293 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
26 Standifer / Beasley  24 Dec 1876Barbour, Alabama, USA F231 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
27 Warr / Beasley  01 Oct 1932Barbour, Alabama, USA F84 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 

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