The Beas-Trees

An archive of Beasley Lineage Trees

Butler County, Kentucky, USA


Tree: BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC

Latitude: 37.2092, Longitude: -86.6811


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abney, Isaac Newton  24 Oct 1849Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1677 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
2 Abney, Nicey  1829Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1675 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
3 Abney, Norton Ville  30 Jan 1883Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1621 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
4 Beasley, Anthaline  20 Sep 1870Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2471 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
5 Beasley, Effie Mae  12 May 1888Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1639 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
6 Beasley, Jesse  1 Sep 1906Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2005 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
7 Beasley, Pliney Jane  31 Jul 1893Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1632 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
8 Beesley, Elizabeth Ann  1814Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1914 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
9 Beesley, Florence P  May 1867Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2282 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
10 Beesley, Ira R  12 Mar 1869Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2283 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
11 Beesley, John W  27 Oct 1864Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2281 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
12 Beesley, Peter Cooper  25 Dec 1876Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2287 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
13 Beesley, Singleton  21 Mar 1875Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2286 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
14 Beesley, William D  25 Jun 1854Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2068 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
15 Burden, Eliza Dorcas  15 May 1874Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2475 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
16 Burden, Nicy Ann  24 Jan 1878Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2476 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
17 Caughey, John William  30 Dec 1852Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1514 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
18 Caughey, John Wm  2 Sep 1829Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1530 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
19 Caughey, Mose  26 Feb 1860Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1512 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
20 Daugherty, Anthaline  17 May 1844Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2288 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
21 Daugherty, Phamy Jane  26 Apr 1844Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2177 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
22 Findley, Dorcas Taylor  7 Aug 1854Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1532 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
23 Pharris, Otha  21 Dec 1903Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1650 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
24 Smith, Parlina  1813Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2289 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
25 Swift, Ivan  16 Mar 1918Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1647 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
26 Swift, Louisa  8 Sep 1877Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2986 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
27 Taylor, Alford Peter  30 Sep 1850Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2180 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
28 Taylor, Calvin Prevatte  13 Oct 1814Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2176 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
29 Taylor, James Calvin  12 Oct 1839Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2191 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
30 Taylor, John Thomas  15 Sep 1837Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2179 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mary  27 Apr 1868Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2267 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
2 Abney, Isaac Newton  22 Jun 1933Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1677 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
3 Abney, John William  1870Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1674 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
4 Abney, Mary Ann  Oct 1905Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1673 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
5 Abney, Patsy  10 Jul 1857Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1672 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
6 Abney, Paul  1867Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1226 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
7 Beasley, Elizabeth  1880Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1221 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
8 Beasley, John Taylor  1850Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1222 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
9 Beasley, Mary G  1846Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1225 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
10 Beasley, William  25 Sep 1847Butler County, Kentucky, USA I326 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
11 Burden, Nicy Ann  13 Aug 1922Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2476 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
12 Caughey, David  9 Dec 1854Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1529 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
13 Daugherty, Anthaline  21 Apr 1922Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2288 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
14 Daugherty, John Taylor  1860Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1228 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
15 Daugherty, Phamy Jane  18 Apr 1908Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2177 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
16 Findley, Dorcas Taylor  14 Jul 1905Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1532 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
17 Smith, Jacob  20 Jul 1854Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2266 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
18 Smith, Parlina  10 Apr 1849Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2289 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
19 Taylor, Alford Peter  16 Jan 1929Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2180 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
20 Taylor, Calvin Prevatte  21 Jul 1886Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2176 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
21 Taylor, Elizabeth Prevatte  1850Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1240 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
22 Taylor, James Calvin  26 Feb 1904Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2191 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
23 Taylor, John Thomas  8 Dec 1886Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2179 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
24 Taylor, Vantress  4 Jan 1870Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2178 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Martha Elizabeth  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1511 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
2 Mary  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2267 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
3 Abney, Hannah Curtis  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1678 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
4 Abney, Isaac Newton  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1677 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
5 Abney, Mary Ann  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1673 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
6 Abney, Nicey  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1675 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
7 Abney, Paul  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1226 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
8 Beasley, Jesse  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2005 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
9 Beasley, Mary  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2270 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
10 Beasley, Mary G  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1225 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
11 Beesley, Mary Elizabeth  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2001 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
12 Beesley, Pleasant Wayne  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1531 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
13 Beesley, Robert John  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2038 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
14 Burden, Nicy Ann  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2476 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
15 Burden, William Morgan  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2467 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
16 Caughey, John William  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1514 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
17 Caughey, John Wm  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1530 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
18 Coy, Sarah Elizabeth  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I1539 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
19 Daugherty, Anthaline  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2288 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
20 Embry, Basil  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2010 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
21 Embry, Edmond  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2011 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
22 Embry, Gusta Marie  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2009 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
23 Embry, John  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2008 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
24 Embry, Minnie G  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2004 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
25 Embry, Ollie  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2012 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
26 Smith, Jacob  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2266 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
27 Smith, Parlina  Butler County, Kentucky, USA I2289 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Beasley / Daugherty  3 Jun 1881Butler County, Kentucky, USA F423 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
2 Beesley / Coy  17 Sep 1911Butler County, Kentucky, USA F421 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 

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