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Craven, North Carolina, USA


Tree: BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC

Latitude: 35.1204, Longitude: -77.0821


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beasley, Anna  Abt. 1807Craven, North Carolina, USA I320039494993 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
2 Beasley, Clarissa  Abt. 1806Craven, North Carolina, USA I320039495037 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
3 Beasley, Daniel  1792Craven, North Carolina, USA I320170078502 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
4 Beasley, Ezekiel  Abt. 1740Craven, North Carolina, USA I320045967961 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
5 Beasley, James  Abt. 1730Craven, North Carolina, USA I38530616030 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
6 Beasley, Julia  Dec 1817Craven, North Carolina, USA I320039495510 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
7 Beasley, Violator Velaire  Abt. 1748Craven, North Carolina, USA I38530617015 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
8 Beesley, John  23 Feb 1755Craven, North Carolina, USA I38530616392 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
9 Beesley, Needham  19 Jul 1804Craven, North Carolina, USA I38530615976 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
10 Beesley, Needham B  24 May 1808Craven, North Carolina, USA I320039496266 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
11 Daugherty, Holland  06 Feb 1775Craven, North Carolina, USA I320170089235 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
12 Daugherty, Sina  1786Craven, North Carolina, USA I320170078513 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
13 McCoy, Abner  22 May 1802Craven, North Carolina, USA I320075031743 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
14 Morris, Sarah  1750Craven, North Carolina, USA I322517664068 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
15 Peters, Keziah  Abt. 1745Craven, North Carolina, USA I38530615978 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
16 Street, Elenor  21 Sep 1854Craven, North Carolina, USA I322016675208 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Acklin, Charles  Apr 1785Craven, North Carolina, USA I38530615979 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
2 Daugherty, Henry Ephraim  1808Craven, North Carolina, USA I320170089236 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
3 Morris, Sarah  1843Craven, North Carolina, USA I322517664068 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
4 Peters, Keziah  Craven, North Carolina, USA I38530615978 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
5 Street, Nathaniel Henry  01 Dec 1913Craven, North Carolina, USA I322016675148 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beasley, James M  8 Nov 1833Craven, North Carolina, USA I38530617010 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
2 Beasley, James M  1834Craven, North Carolina, USA I38530617010 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
3 Beasley, Simon  1759Craven, North Carolina, USA I38530616945 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
4 Beesley, Elisha  Craven, North Carolina, USA I320045968102 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
5 Beesley, Solomon  1791Craven, North Carolina, USA I38530616938 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
6 Carman, Augustus Washington  1866Craven, North Carolina, USA I322517696409 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
7 Carman, Washington  1866Craven, North Carolina, USA I320039495046 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
8 Ernul, Major Freeman  1849Craven, North Carolina, USA I322016674627 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
9 Rhem, Albert Haywood  1859Craven, North Carolina, USA I320039496524 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
10 Simmons, William  1861Craven, North Carolina, USA I322016667768 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Acklin / Peters  1770Craven, North Carolina, USA F238 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
2 Beasley / Brock  22 Nov 1845Craven, North Carolina, USA F551 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
3 Beasley / Taylor  03 Feb 1784Craven, North Carolina, USA F348 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
4 Beesley / Carmack  18 Dec 1787Craven, North Carolina, USA F737 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
5 Beesley / Killpatrick  25 Nov 1835Craven, North Carolina, USA F202 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
6 Bell / Carmon  7 Mar 1860Craven, North Carolina, USA F24 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
7 Carman / Beasley  22 Jan 1824Craven, North Carolina, USA F689 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
8 Carman / Butler  11 Oct 1846Craven, North Carolina, USA F25 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
9 Daugherty / McKoy  12 Jan 1789Craven, North Carolina, USA F82 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
10 Daugherty / Mecoy  26 Dec 1801Craven, North Carolina, USA F81 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
11 Daugherty / Taylor  18 Nov 1784Craven, North Carolina, USA F143 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
12 Ernul / Simmons  01 May 1846Craven, North Carolina, USA F45 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
13 McCoy / Beesley  21 Dec 1797Craven, North Carolina, USA F701 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
14 Rhem / Beasley  30 Dec 1834Craven, North Carolina, USA F97 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
15 Simmons / Beesley  13 Dec 1814Craven, North Carolina, USA F171 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
16 Street / Fonville  20 Feb 1847Craven, North Carolina, USA F567 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
17 Street / Simmons  22 Dec 1852Craven, North Carolina, USA F46 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 
18 Street / Willis  01 Sep 1828Craven, North Carolina, USA F566 BLUE-JohnBeasley1685MD-NC 

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