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Lincoln, Mississippi, USA


Tree: OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC

Latitude: 31.535912, Longitude: -90.452103


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brister, Clinton Robert  21 May 1906Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I1483 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
2 Herring, Clarence Buron  19 Jul 1940Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I3318 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
3 Herring, Leroy T 'Lee' Jr  16 Sep 1952Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I4479 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
4 Jordan, Homer Nordan  29 May 1936Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I3574 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
5 Magee, Clidie Lucille  13 Jul 1953Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I2456 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
6 Magee, William 'Daniel'  21 Jul 1910Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I449 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
7 Magee, Yvonne Mary  18 Nov 1935Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I401 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
8 Nordan, Prentiss Jacob  16 Jul 1889Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I2190 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
9 Renfroe, Peggy Elma  13 Jan 1947Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I567 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
10 Shiel, Mary Constance 'Connie'  2 Feb 1959Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I4597 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
11 Shiel, Royce Edward  10 Feb 1961Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I3068 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
12 Stephenson, Osborn Thomas 'Tom'  29 Mar 1883Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I3480 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blackwell, Nalty 'Lavon'  20 Nov 1967Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I489 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
2 Cleveland, Zoye Lee  12 Jul 1975Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I4110 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
3 Crawford, Avis Ethel  16 Jul 1960Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I1897 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
4 Crawford, Fannie E  3 Dec 1964Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I4752 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
5 Douglas, Christopher C Jr  1 Jul 2001Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I1045 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
6 Greer, Nile 'Robert'  16 Feb 1989Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I4832 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
7 Nordan, Council Taylor  19 Jan 1929Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I3285 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
8 Nordan, James 'Prentiss'  2 Oct 2011Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I2352 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
9 Ratcliff, Bracy Elmo  12 Jan 1984Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I2083 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
10 Renfroe, Peggy Elma  13 Jan 1947Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I567 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
11 Roberson, Annie 'Elma'  16 Sep 1971Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I628 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
12 Roberson, Mary Inez  20 Aug 1924Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I1015 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
13 Rutland, Walter Asa  26 Jan 1930Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I4621 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
14 Smith, Lillie  29 Nov 1957Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I2336 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
15 Stevenson, Mary 'Susan'  1 Sep 1925Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I928 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
16 Williams, Gloria Jeannine  17 Jun 1956Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I1116 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blackwell, Nalty 'Lavon'  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I489 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
2 Brister, Clinton Robert  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I1483 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
3 Brister, John 'Enoch'  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I1473 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
4 Crawford, Avis Ethel  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I1897 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
5 Forrest, Stacey Jo  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I4779 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
6 Greer, Hazel 'Honey'  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I3862 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
7 Herring, Leroy T Sr  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I4478 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
8 Herring, Leroy T 'Lee' Jr  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I4479 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
9 Magee, James Ellis  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I4393 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
10 Magee, Jessie Howard  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I4330 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
11 Magee, William 'Daniel'  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I449 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
12 Magee, Yvonne Mary  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I401 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
13 Nordan, Calvin Dee  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I3699 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
14 Nordan, Calvin Michael  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I2486 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
15 Nordan, James 'Prentiss'  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I2352 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
16 Nordan, John Charles  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I985 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
17 Nordan, Mary 'Susie'  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I2188 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
18 Nordan, Prentiss Jacob  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I2190 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
19 Ratcliff, Bracy Elmo  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I2083 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
20 Ratcliff, John Quitman  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I2532 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
21 Renfroe, Peggy Elma  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I567 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
22 Rushing, Melanie Fay  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I4697 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
23 Rutland, Walter Asa  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I4621 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
24 Shiel, Mary Constance 'Connie'  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I4597 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
25 Shiel, Royce Edward  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I3068 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
26 Shiel, Royce Nelbert 'Sonny'  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I3004 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
27 Spence, Shirley S  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I4376 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
28 Stephenson, Mary Aline  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I4264 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
29 Strahan, William Douglas Sr  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I204 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
30 Wooley, Betty Sue  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I4701 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
31 Wooley, Julius Clifton II  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I4819 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
32 Wooley, Robert Jewell Sr  Lincoln, Mississippi, USA I4155 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Herring / Nordan  11 Feb 1904Lincoln, Mississippi, USA F1774 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
2 Nordan / Davis  20 Dec 1902Lincoln, Mississippi, USA F628 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
3 Nordan / Hawes  1 Jul 1911Lincoln, Mississippi, USA F837 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
4 Nordan / Herring  20 Dec 1906Lincoln, Mississippi, USA F1309 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
5 Stephenson / McDavid  31 Mar 1911Lincoln, Mississippi, USA F325 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
6 Stephenson / Weeks  20 Sep 1910Lincoln, Mississippi, USA F1360 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 

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