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Louisiana, USA


Tree: OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC

Latitude: 30.966513, Longitude: -91.851891


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abrough, Ina Mae  15 Jan 1922Louisiana, USA I3915 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
2 Allen, Billy Rudolph  5 Aug 1935Louisiana, USA I1310 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
3 Allen, Elnia  May 1918Louisiana, USA I4639 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
4 Allen, George Lee Jr  3 Apr 1927Louisiana, USA I3138 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
5 Allen, James 'Elmer'  20 Mar 1918Louisiana, USA I3711 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
6 Allen, Mamie Katherine  21 Sep 1925Louisiana, USA I492 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
7 Allen, Minnie Lou  18 Sep 1918Louisiana, USA I499 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
8 Allen, Neva J  5 Jan 1925Louisiana, USA I497 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
9 Allen, Ollie Mae  14 Sep 1938Louisiana, USA I482 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
10 Allen, Sadie Alene  3 Jan 1916Louisiana, USA I3940 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
11 Apgar, Alice  1902Louisiana, USA I4555 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
12 Barefield, Charles Travis 'Chuck' Jr  10 Jul 1932Louisiana, USA I3889 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
13 Barefield, John K  20 Nov 1933Louisiana, USA I3888 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
14 Brown, Norris Leonard  13 Apr 1924Louisiana, USA I2047 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
15 Cagle, Albert Brown  6 Aug 1899Louisiana, USA I3803 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
16 Cockerham, Eva  11 Sep 1909Louisiana, USA I2902 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
17 Crawford, Lessye Elizabeth  21 Nov 1910Louisiana, USA I1594 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
18 Dilmore, J C Jr  15 Oct 1934Louisiana, USA I1445 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
19 Dilmore, Willie Matthew 'Coot'  25 Oct 1928Louisiana, USA I3619 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
20 Fife, Sallie Mae  9 Jun 1910Louisiana, USA I3628 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
21 Franklin, Charleigh Austin  9 Aug 2001Louisiana, USA I2147 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
22 Frazier, Ola Mae  23 Sep 1904Louisiana, USA I357 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
23 Glass, Johnnie Everett  16 Aug 1903Louisiana, USA I2420 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
24 Glass, Sarah 'Laverne'  13 Sep 1927Louisiana, USA I4804 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
25 Glass, Vanetta Rose  10 Mar 1933Louisiana, USA I4738 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
26 Graves, Ruby Celestrine  5 Jun 1918Louisiana, USA I2330 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
27 Gray, Augusta  12 Aug 1919Louisiana, USA I2323 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
28 Gray, Mary E  18 Jul 1917Louisiana, USA I1511 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
29 Greer, Lottie E  13 Apr 1906Louisiana, USA I4858 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
30 Griffith, Arthur Leroy  18 Aug 1940Louisiana, USA I2166 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
31 Halley, Roy Cordell  14 Oct 1926Louisiana, USA I1912 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
32 Halley, William Atha  3 Jun 1898Louisiana, USA I3899 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
33 Harper, Clyde Estelle  22 Jan 1908Louisiana, USA I3412 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
34 Herring, Helen 'Maxine'  11 May 1935Louisiana, USA I1183 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
35 Higginbotham, Bessie  3 Sep 1892Louisiana, USA I2613 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
36 Holloway, Christine  9 Oct 1923Louisiana, USA I4547 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
37 Hutchinson, Love Dee  1 Feb 1903Louisiana, USA I2938 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
38 Johnson, Murel 'Monroe'  30 Aug 1932Louisiana, USA I2645 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
39 Johnson, Norman James  4 Sep 1912Louisiana, USA I2647 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
40 Johnson, Walter James  20 Jul 1930Louisiana, USA I2650 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
41 Lewis, Verline  26 May 1937Louisiana, USA I2728 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
42 McDonald, William Albert 'Billy'  6 Jan 1966Louisiana, USA I437 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
43 Merriwether, Betty Pearl  4 Dec 1931Louisiana, USA I5 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
44 Merriwether, James Robert 'Jim'  15 Jan 1885Louisiana, USA I4 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
45 Merriwether, Johnnie Avis  10 Dec 1933Louisiana, USA I48 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
46 Milby, Annie  8 Sep 1908Louisiana, USA I2809 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
47 Mock, Edith Louise  17 Apr 1910Louisiana, USA I890 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
48 Montgomery, Eva Nell  18 Jul 1932Louisiana, USA I3743 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
49 Montgomery, Rita Gay  6 Apr 1939Louisiana, USA I3734 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
50 Montgomery, Rosa Mae  16 Nov 1902Louisiana, USA I3733 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, C Fedrick  19 Jun 1963Louisiana, USA I1346 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
2 Allen, Elnia  Bef 1930Louisiana, USA I4639 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
3 Allen, Frances Bart  24 Sep 1991Louisiana, USA I3131 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
4 Allen, James 'Lemone'  27 Feb 1971Louisiana, USA I3712 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
5 Allen, James Lovell  14 Jul 1993Louisiana, USA I3709 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
6 Allen, Neva J  20 Jan 2008Louisiana, USA I497 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
7 Allen, Tony Mark  9 Dec 1990Louisiana, USA I1548 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
8 Apgar, Alice  1957Louisiana, USA I4555 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
9 Clayton, Connie Lea  3 Dec 2007Louisiana, USA I214 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
10 Dunigan, Isaac Willard  10 Jan 1973Louisiana, USA I480 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
11 Higginbotham, George 'Anguish'  2 Oct 1973Louisiana, USA I2617 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
12 Hughes, William Lille  3 Feb 1975Louisiana, USA I3583 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
13 Hutchinson, Love Dee  1975Louisiana, USA I2938 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
14 Johnson, Walter James  Jul 1973Louisiana, USA I2650 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
15 Lewis, Verline  31 Aug 1988Louisiana, USA I2728 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
16 Merriwether, Betty Pearl  10 Dec 1998Louisiana, USA I5 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
17 Nielsen, Hilda Ruth  22 Feb 1937Louisiana, USA I4563 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
18 Nielsen, Maxine Evelyn  12 May 1981Louisiana, USA I935 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
19 Pittman, Richard C  13 Oct 1962Louisiana, USA I2003 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
20 Robinson, Bertie 'Pauline'  26 Feb 1983Louisiana, USA I1252 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
21 Searcy, Dianne  27 Nov 1982Louisiana, USA I1443 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
22 Sehon, Surgeon James Kenneth 'Kenny' Jr  2 Mar 2009Louisiana, USA I2694 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
23 Sibley, Ronald Dewayne  20 Feb 1956Louisiana, USA I443 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
24 Starkey, Jack D'ford  23 Apr 1959Louisiana, USA I1749 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
25 Stephenson, Robert Macon  7 Oct 1974Louisiana, USA I77 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
26 Stephenson, Rev. William Thomas  2 Jan 1945Louisiana, USA I4286 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
27 Ware, Joel T  28 Feb 1966Louisiana, USA I4419 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Beasley / Apgar  Abt 1926Louisiana, USA F884 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
2 Glass / Stephenson  7 Oct 1923Louisiana, USA F932 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
3 Hughes / Earls  Abt 1941Louisiana, USA F1380 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
4 Stephenson / Jordan  1956Louisiana, USA F409 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
5 Stephenson / Sikes  8 Sep 1929Louisiana, USA F1685 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 

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