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Alabama, USA


Tree: BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC

Latitude: 32.7665, Longitude: -86.8403


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cora  Abt. 1889Alabama, USA I200073278136 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
2 Lucille  23 Jan 1918Alabama, USA I200073789753 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
3 Margrette?  Abt. 1861Alabama, USA I202385368788 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
4 Mary E  1907Alabama, USA I200074012139 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
5 Adkison, Celia A.  Abt 1860Alabama, USA I202323153467 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
6 Adkison, Susan  Abt. 1829Alabama, USA I200007960451 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
7 Adkison, Try  Abt 1859Alabama, USA I202323153463 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
8 Bagwell, Ralph  Abt. 1906Alabama, USA I200073380168 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
9 Bagwell, Ray  Abt. 1912Alabama, USA I200073380214 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
10 Bagwell, Roy  Abt. 1909Alabama, USA I200073380169 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
11 Bagwell, William Riley  05 Dec 1877Alabama, USA I200073380090 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
12 Beasley, Alpha Yacht  10 Jul 1932Alabama, USA I200073655830 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
13 Beasley, Anadora  Abt. 1868Alabama, USA I202372655171 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
14 Beasley, Andrew Jackson  Abt. 1858Alabama, USA I200007960465 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
15 Beasley, Anna  Jun 1875Alabama, USA I200053588151 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
16 Beasley, Ava  Apr 1882Alabama, USA I42537347091 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
17 Beasley, Baby Lou  27 Jun 1905Alabama, USA I200074000784 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
18 Beasley, Bertie J  Jun 1891Alabama, USA I202356340381 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
19 Beasley, Bettie Jean  19 Aug 1939Alabama, USA I200073284189 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
20 Beasley, Buford S  27 Sep 1915Alabama, USA I200074007085 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
21 Beasley, Cephus  Abt. 1910Alabama, USA I200073266697 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
22 Beasley, Charles Emmett  20 Feb 1900Alabama, USA I200076666531 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
23 Beasley, Cullie Elwin  10 May 1924Alabama, USA I200073794033 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
24 Beasley, Defoy R  Abt. 1912Alabama, USA I200073395446 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
25 Beasley, Della  18 Feb 1881Alabama, USA I200073348617 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
26 Beasley, Edith Jewell  13 Oct 1915Alabama, USA I200073408342 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
27 Beasley, Edna Marry  11 May 1907Alabama, USA I200073401683 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
28 Beasley, Ellison  Abt. 1876Alabama, USA I42537347084 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
29 Beasley, Emmer Pearl  19 Apr 1891Alabama, USA I200073432368 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
30 Beasley, Ernest Taft  08 Sep 1908Alabama, USA I200073395436 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
31 Beasley, Eula V  17 Oct 1897Alabama, USA I200073432371 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
32 Beasley, Gene Autry  25 Sep 1937Alabama, USA I200073787089 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
33 Beasley, George  Abt. 1870Alabama, USA I42537347066 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
34 Beasley, Georgia D  Abt. 1910Alabama, USA I200073278138 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
35 Beasley, Gertrude Evelyn "Evie"  Abt. 1903Alabama, USA I200073401945 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
36 Beasley, Gloria Fay  01 Oct 1939Alabama, USA I200073383600 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
37 Beasley, Harvey Wilton  05 Apr 1907Alabama, USA I200073395438 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
38 Beasley, Henry  Jan 1882Alabama, USA I200053588155 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
39 Beasley, Horace Calvin  18 Mar 1911Alabama, USA I200073472005 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
40 Beasley, Howard  18 Oct 1910Alabama, USA I42537347105 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
41 Beasley, Howard Calvin  30 Oct 1941Alabama, USA I200073633540 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
42 Beasley, James  Abt. 1843Alabama, USA I42537347086 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
43 Beasley, James Earl  16 Jan 1921Alabama, USA I200074003757 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
44 Beasley, James S Jr  07 Mar 1908Alabama, USA I200073271934 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
45 Beasley, Jesse Clinton  13 Sep 1896Alabama, USA I200073432370 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
46 Beasley, John  Jan 1870Alabama, USA I202372655360 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
47 Beasley, John Giles  04 May 1861Alabama, USA I200073304790 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
48 Beasley, John Wallace  Dec 1884Alabama, USA I200053588156 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
49 Beasley, Julia  24 Mar 1914Alabama, USA I42537347097 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
50 Beasley, Lamar Eugene  15 Oct 1937Alabama, USA I200073294438 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Margrette?  Abt. 1881Alabama, USA I202385368788 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
2 Beasley, Andrew Jackson  UnknownAlabama, USA I200007960465 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
3 Beasley, Daniel West Sr  May 1988Alabama, USA I200073346242 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
4 Beasley, William H  Alabama, USA I42537347089 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
5 Clark, Frances A Eugenia  17 June 1909Alabama, USA I200073404897 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
6 Payne, Amanda Isabelle  10 Nov 1980Alabama, USA I200073472003 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
7 Simmons, Thomas  18 Feb 1925Alabama, USA I200073793173 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beasley, Frank Oula  Alabama, USA I200073472011 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
2 Beasley, Fred Quinton  Alabama, USA I200073472013 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
3 Beasley, Ralph G  Alabama, USA I200073788692 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adkison / Vanlandingham  1857Alabama, USA F204 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
2 Beasley / Bullock  Nov 1936Alabama, USA F179 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
3 Beasley / Matthews  Jul 1936Alabama, USA F200 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 
4 Bynum /   Abt. 1879Alabama, USA F238 BLUE-DanielBeasley1765NC 

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