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Alabama, USA


Tree: OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC

Latitude: 32.766502, Longitude: -86.840286


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alford, Mary Ann  28 Apr 1840Alabama, USA I32541822768 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
2 Allen, Beverly Eugene 'Jack'  May 1853Alabama, USA I32541821263 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
3 Allen, John  Abt. 1859Alabama, USA I32541821857 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
4 Arant, Annie Vanillia  Nov 1877Alabama, USA I32541824527 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
5 Barefoot, Georganna Elizabeth  01 Feb 1855Alabama, USA I32541821417 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
6 Barnett, Margaret Ruth  24 Feb 1919Alabama, USA I32541822104 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
7 Barnett, William Thompson  04 Mar 1892Alabama, USA I32541822105 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
8 Barron, Adolph  26 Jul 1906Alabama, USA I32541822108 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
9 Barron, Eliza  Abt. 1831Alabama, USA I32541822712 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
10 Barron, Nolan Adolph  21 Sep 1937Alabama, USA I32541822715 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
11 Bassett, Sara 'Olene'  16 Apr 1917Alabama, USA I32541822719 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
12 Beasley, Alma Drue  Abt. 1902Alabama, USA I32541824543 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
13 Beasley, Andrew Townsend  27 Jun 1905Alabama, USA I32541824547 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
14 Beasley, Annie Florence  08 Jan 1869Alabama, USA I32541823022 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
15 Beasley, Annie Ree  1906Alabama, USA I32541823023 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
16 Beasley, Annie Ruth  03 Apr 1918Alabama, USA I32541823024 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
17 Beasley, Barbara Ann  28 Aug 1932Alabama, USA I32541823028 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
18 Beasley, Benjamin A  17 Jun 1898Alabama, USA I32541823030 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
19 Beasley, Boncyle  01 Oct 1915Alabama, USA I32541823465 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
20 Beasley, Byron Eugene Sr  25 Aug 1908Alabama, USA I32541823471 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
21 Beasley, Carolyn Elizabeth  30 May 1934Alabama, USA I32541823473 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
22 Beasley, Clarence  30 Oct 1900Alabama, USA I32541820269 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
23 Beasley, Donald Kirk  22 Sep 1867Alabama, USA I32541821433 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
24 Beasley, Donald Rex  24 Sep 1931Alabama, USA I32541821434 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
25 Beasley, Doris Melba  27 Jul 1926Alabama, USA I32541821437 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
26 Beasley, Dorothy Jean  20 Feb 1927Alabama, USA I32541821438 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
27 Beasley, Edward Orlando  30 Aug 1913Alabama, USA I32541822213 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
28 Beasley, Effie  08 Jul 1884Alabama, USA I32541822212 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
29 Beasley, Ethel Frances  11 Apr 1909Alabama, USA I32541822848 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
30 Beasley, Fannie Lee  05 Jun 1892Alabama, USA I32541822846 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
31 Beasley, Foy Mae  19 Feb 1911Alabama, USA I32541822843 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
32 Beasley, Francis Asbury 'Frank' Jr  14 Aug 1915Alabama, USA I32541822855 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
33 Beasley, George 'Kay'  15 Sep 1933Alabama, USA I32541821317 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
34 Beasley, Guy Earl  22 Sep 1902Alabama, USA I32541821313 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
35 Beasley, Ida Jane  04 Aug 1879Alabama, USA I32541824632 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
36 Beasley, Jack Levering  18 Apr 1919Alabama, USA I32541824628 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
37 Beasley, James 'Mosley'  04 Oct 1906Alabama, USA I32541824640 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
38 Beasley, James A  Jan 1863Alabama, USA I32541824626 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
39 Beasley, James Thomas 'Jim Tom'  11 Sep 1895Alabama, USA I32541823114 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
40 Beasley, James Watson  19 Mar 1929Alabama, USA I32541823112 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
41 Beasley, John Akious  14 Aug 1910Alabama, USA I32541821901 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
42 Beasley, John Henry  05 Jan 1862Alabama, USA I32541821898 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
43 Beasley, John William  13 Jul 1934Alabama, USA I32541821905 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
44 Beasley, Josephine 'Josie'  28 Jul 1886Alabama, USA I32541820338 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
45 Beasley, Judge 'Thomas'  Jan 1865Alabama, USA I32541820352 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
46 Beasley, Lacey Cleone  09 Jan 1905Alabama, USA I32541823916 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
47 Beasley, Laura  21 Sep 1861Alabama, USA I32541823925 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
48 Beasley, Lena Kate  01 Jul 1913Alabama, USA I32541821505 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
49 Beasley, Lena Samantha  May 1894Alabama, USA I32541821503 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
50 Beasley, Lessie Mozelle  16 Sep 1914Alabama, USA I32541821502 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barefoot, Kim Elliot  29 Jul 2008Alabama, USA I32541821420 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
2 Beasley, Alma Drue  Abt. 1902Alabama, USA I32541824543 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
3 Beasley, Clarence  12 Dec 1903Alabama, USA I32541820269 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
4 Beasley, Effie  Bef. 1900Alabama, USA I32541822212 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
5 Beasley, Foy Mae  19 Jun 1912Alabama, USA I32541822843 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
6 Beasley, Murray Lafayette Jr  17 Mar 1959Alabama, USA I32541824652 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
7 Beasley, Myrtle Alma  1901Alabama, USA I32541824649 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
8 Beasley, Robert Curtis  1873Alabama, USA I32541823637 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
9 Beasley, William Frank  02 Sep 2013Alabama, USA I32541822170 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
10 Blue, James Delmer  06 Jan 1969Alabama, USA I32541822820 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
11 Brooks, Emma E  31 Jul 2012Alabama, USA I32541824703 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
12 Hall, Sybil Juanita  17 Sep 2013Alabama, USA I32541820701 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
13 Lunsford, Brenda Gail  19 Dec 2001Alabama, USA I32541821366 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
14 Meek, Doris  17 Jul 1991Alabama, USA I32541824254 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
15 Merrill, Joe H  Feb 1974Alabama, USA I32541824259 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
16 Nordan, Bart  Bef. 1880Alabama, USA I32541823334 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
17 Nordan, Billy  1883Alabama, USA I32541821197 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
18 Parker, Eleanor Faye  20 Aug 1944Alabama, USA I32541822571 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
19 Richards, Ruffus  06 Jan 1983Alabama, USA I32541821843 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
20 Rollan, Richard Neal  25 Jun 1986Alabama, USA I32541822085 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
21 Scott, Leslie L  18 Jun 1976Alabama, USA I32541821636 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
22 Solomon, Marvin 'Bud'  28 Nov 1996Alabama, USA I32541821633 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
23 Solomon, Mary C Umn  15 Jun 1999Alabama, USA I32541822443 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
24 Stringfellow, Infant  31 Mar 1909Alabama, USA I32541824025 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
25 Ward, Hazel D M  10 Jun 1970Alabama, USA I32541821051 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allen / Stevenson  1877Alabama, USA F1646 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
2 Beasley / Dismukes  18 Oct 1905Alabama, USA F460 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
3 Davenport / Osteen  09 Jun 1926Alabama, USA F1383 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
4 Gautney / Wise  1927Alabama, USA F1045 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
5 Hall / Wise  Abt. 1918Alabama, USA F1259 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 

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