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Mississippi, USA


Tree: OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC

Latitude: 32.608334, Longitude: -89.099983


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, C Fedrick  23 Nov 1883Mississippi, USA I32541821267 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
2 Allen, David Elon  1882Mississippi, USA I32541821272 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
3 Allen, Ealom Ernie  01 Nov 1913Mississippi, USA I32541824575 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
4 Allen, Elon Elise  06 Sep 1912Mississippi, USA I32541824578 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
5 Allen, Frances Bart  12 May 1909Mississippi, USA I32541823053 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
6 Allen, George Beverly  30 Jan 1887Mississippi, USA I32541823059 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
7 Allen, George Lee Sr  03 Nov 1906Mississippi, USA I32541823057 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
8 Allen, Hattie C  21 Sep 1893Mississippi, USA I32541823058 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
9 Allen, Helen Ruth  11 Apr 1927Mississippi, USA I32541823064 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
10 Allen, J D  Abt. 1906Mississippi, USA I32541823520 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
11 Allen, Jacob Elom  14 Jul 1885Mississippi, USA I32541823517 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
12 Allen, Joe 'Miles'  Dec 1880Mississippi, USA I32541821852 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
13 Allen, John Bluford  03 Sep 1905Mississippi, USA I32541821858 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
14 Allen, Josie Myles  22 Jul 1903Mississippi, USA I32541821856 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
15 Allen, Lennon  Aug 1909Mississippi, USA I32541820295 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
16 Allen, Mamie  Abt. 1902Mississippi, USA I32541820296 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
17 Allen, Robert Wesley 'Bobby'  22 Aug 1907Mississippi, USA I32541823856 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
18 Allen, Vada Corinne  21 May 1911Mississippi, USA I32541821470 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
19 Allen, William 'Price'  16 Mar 1909Mississippi, USA I32541822073 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
20 Allen, William Hubbard 'Willie'  Aug 1885Mississippi, USA I32541822074 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
21 Allen, Wydell  15 Dec 1932Mississippi, USA I32541822077 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
22 Ashley, Ina Demerice  Feb 1878Mississippi, USA I32541823002 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
23 Beard, Mary Lee  25 Jan 1907Mississippi, USA I32541821232 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
24 Beasley, Earl Eugene  29 Nov 1935Mississippi, USA I32541821442 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
25 Beasley, William Howard  12 Apr 1940Mississippi, USA I32541822172 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
26 Bond, Mary Lois  29 May 1916Mississippi, USA I32541822817 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
27 Breland, Lola Alberta  1910Mississippi, USA I32541822942 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
28 Brent, Katie Sue  16 Nov 1934Mississippi, USA I32541822941 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
29 Brister, Addie Lee  12 Jan 1928Mississippi, USA I32541821387 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
30 Brister, John 'Enoch'  21 May 1930Mississippi, USA I32541821384 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
31 Brister, Mary Lee  12 Jan 1928Mississippi, USA I32541824702 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
32 Brown, Eddie N  16 Feb 1976Mississippi, USA I32541823183 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
33 Brown, Robert N  16 Feb 1976Mississippi, USA I32541821971 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
34 Brown, Sarah 'Sallie'  28 Aug 1886Mississippi, USA I32541821962 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
35 Buckner, Ruby Lee  25 Mar 1927Mississippi, USA I32541822331 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
36 Buckner, William 'Henry'  27 Dec 1924Mississippi, USA I32541822328 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
37 Buie, Neill Henry III  11 Jul 1942Mississippi, USA I32541822334 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
38 Callender, Docia Mae  16 May 1892Mississippi, USA I32541821992 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
39 Callender, Nancy Allie  15 Nov 1894Mississippi, USA I32541821993 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
40 Cook, Alice  08 Feb 1900Mississippi, USA I32541823641 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
41 Cook, Missouri Emma  13 Jun 1911Mississippi, USA I32541823146 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
42 Crawford, Avis Ethel  04 May 1903Mississippi, USA I32541821919 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
43 Crawford, Fannie E  17 Dec 1905Mississippi, USA I32541824644 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
44 Cupit, Ollie L  20 Jun 1890Mississippi, USA I32541822200 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
45 Davis, Alvie  10 Nov 1909Mississippi, USA I32541822167 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
46 Davis, Carrie Belle  11 Sep 1907Mississippi, USA I32541824363 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
47 Davis, Florence E  Abt. 1884Mississippi, USA I32541824408 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
48 Davis, Rudalph  23 May 1932Mississippi, USA I32541821863 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
49 Dixon, Jimmie  17 Oct 1919Mississippi, USA I32541823312 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
50 Dunigan, Isaac Willard  29 Dec 1920Mississippi, USA I32541820321 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Beverly Eugene 'Jack'  Bef. 1940Mississippi, USA I32541821263 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
2 Allen, David Elon  1972Mississippi, USA I32541821272 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
3 Allen, John  Bef. 1910Mississippi, USA I32541821857 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
4 Allen, Mamie  22 Jan 1926Mississippi, USA I32541820296 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
5 Allen, William Hubbard 'Willie'  Abt. 1903Mississippi, USA I32541822074 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
6 Allen, Wydell  08 Nov 1990Mississippi, USA I32541822077 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
7 Bang, Bertie Mae  11 Nov 1953Mississippi, USA I32541823798 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
8 Beasley, Mary Polly  Bef. 1920Mississippi, USA I32541821334 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
9 Bond, Mary Lois  10 Jun 1987Mississippi, USA I32541822817 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
10 Boyd, Harold 'Francis'  26 Dec 2012Mississippi, USA I32541823584 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
11 Boyd, Harold Eugene  03 Sep 1990Mississippi, USA I32541823576 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
12 Boyd, Jeremy Lee  16 Jun 1995Mississippi, USA I32541821884 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
13 Brown, Eddie N  16 Feb 1976Mississippi, USA I32541823183 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
14 Brown, Robert N  16 Feb 1976Mississippi, USA I32541821971 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
15 Case, Perry W  05 Sep 1989Mississippi, USA I32541820005 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
16 Davis, Rudalph  08 Jan 1975Mississippi, USA I32541821863 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
17 Greer, Infant  23 Mar 1958Mississippi, USA I32541822366 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
18 Greer, Marilyn Alvita  11 Nov 1956Mississippi, USA I32541824739 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
19 Hawes, Belle  07 Nov 1937Mississippi, USA I32541822549 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
20 Herring, Merle Inez  25 Mar 1970Mississippi, USA I32541820484 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
21 Herring, Mildred Ellen  20 Jun 2010Mississippi, USA I32541820474 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
22 Herring, Oscar Ray  11 Feb 1910Mississippi, USA I32541823649 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
23 Herring, Wandere  27 Mar 1938Mississippi, USA I32541820086 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
24 Jordan, Annie Louise  03 Apr 2003Mississippi, USA I32541824420 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
25 Laird, Emma  06 Aug 1961Mississippi, USA I32541824502 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
26 Magee, Charles Allen  26 Dec 1962Mississippi, USA I32541823780 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
27 Nordan, C D  Bef. 1940Mississippi, USA I32541822444 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
28 Nordan, John Charles  28 Feb 1961Mississippi, USA I32541820916 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
29 Nordan, John William  Dec 1928Mississippi, USA I32541820929 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
30 Norwood, Curtis Edgar  04 Feb 1983Mississippi, USA I32541820883 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
31 Odom, Luther Rudolph Sr  31 Dec 1987Mississippi, USA I32541824555 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
32 Querns, Kenneth Eugene  1951Mississippi, USA I32541822121 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
33 Scott, Silas Steele Jr  01 Feb 1992Mississippi, USA I32541822896 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
34 Smith, Emmette  06 Dec 1936Mississippi, USA I32541820869 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
35 Smith, Jessie  Bef. 1910Mississippi, USA I32541822917 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
36 Smith, Lemuel  Bef. 1910Mississippi, USA I32541822250 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
37 Stephenson, Akious  Bef. 1900Mississippi, USA I32541823460 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
38 Stephenson, Bertha  Bef. 1900Mississippi, USA I32541824043 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
39 Stephenson, Bethel  Bef. 1930Mississippi, USA I32541824048 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
40 Stephenson, Betty  Bef. 1910Mississippi, USA I32541824047 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
41 Stephenson, Eddie Ray  Dec 1926Mississippi, USA I32541824099 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
42 Stephenson, John 'Braxton'  Abt. 1909Mississippi, USA I32541824068 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
43 Stephenson, Louis  Bef. 1900Mississippi, USA I32541824279 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
44 Stephenson, Lullian Lee 'Louie'  Feb 1945Mississippi, USA I32541824708 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
45 Stephenson, Lyndia Sue  27 Nov 1947Mississippi, USA I32541824280 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
46 Stephenson, Sam  Bef. 1900Mississippi, USA I32541819964 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
47 Stevenson, Bartemius  Bef. 1900Mississippi, USA I32541821692 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
48 Ward, Dessie A  Abt. 1912Mississippi, USA I32541821058 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
49 Ward, Patricia Glynn  29 Apr 2007Mississippi, USA I32541824346 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
50 Welch, Roy Clyde III  24 Jul 1994Mississippi, USA I32541824119 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allen / Brown  Abt. 1913Mississippi, USA F1756 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
2 Allen / Nordan  Aft. 1970Mississippi, USA F1283 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
3 Allen / Ward  Abt. 1902Mississippi, USA F1755 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
4 Higginbotham / Stephenson  08 Apr 1906Mississippi, USA F711 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
5 Huhn / Greer  Aft. 1962Mississippi, USA F175 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
6 Myers / Robinson  Abt. 1916Mississippi, USA F1251 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
7 Nordan / May  30 Aug 1920Mississippi, USA F388 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
8 Nordan / Smith  Aft. 1942Mississippi, USA F1881 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
9 Rushing / Smith  1921Mississippi, USA F1254 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
10 Rushing / Smith  27 Sep 1924Mississippi, USA F1501 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
11 Smith / Stephenson  1898Mississippi, USA F473 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
12 Stephenson / Bond  Abt. 1969Mississippi, USA F1104 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
13 Stephenson / Breland  Abt. 1931Mississippi, USA F1106 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
14 Stephenson / Dixon  Aft. 1967Mississippi, USA F481 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
15 Stephenson / Fiveash  Abt. 1975Mississippi, USA F1105 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
16 Stephenson / Ward  1905Mississippi, USA F1085 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
17 Thaxton / Smith  1928Mississippi, USA F1022 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
18 Twiner / Cloy  19 Sep 1935Mississippi, USA F1397 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
19 Willis / Allen  Abt. 1913Mississippi, USA F696 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 

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