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Pike, Alabama, USA


Tree: OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC

Latitude: 31.806084, Longitude: -85.938919


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beasley, Almer Earline  13 May 1902Pike, Alabama, USA I32541824544 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
2 Beasley, Annie 'Drue'  25 Jan 1932Pike, Alabama, USA I32541824549 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
3 Beasley, Annie Ruth  05 Oct 1918Pike, Alabama, USA I32541823025 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
4 Beasley, Cecil Watson  04 Aug 1907Pike, Alabama, USA I32541821833 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
5 Beasley, Charles Elliot  15 Oct 1926Pike, Alabama, USA I32541821837 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
6 Beasley, George Leonard  18 Jul 1903Pike, Alabama, USA I32541821316 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
7 Beasley, Henry Thomas Albon Vanburen  13 Feb 1855Pike, Alabama, USA I32541824633 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
8 Beasley, John Robert II  13 Mar 1877Pike, Alabama, USA I32541821895 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
9 Beasley, John W  28 Aug 1867Pike, Alabama, USA I32541821894 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
10 Beasley, Josephine  21 Aug 1857Pike, Alabama, USA I32541820339 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
11 Beasley, Mary Jane  30 Sep 1861Pike, Alabama, USA I32541822882 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
12 Beasley, Myrtle Bell  01 Sep 1902Pike, Alabama, USA I32541824650 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
13 Beasley, Timothy Soles  23 Dec 1882Pike, Alabama, USA I32541821523 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
14 Beasley, William Leonard  01 Aug 1865Pike, Alabama, USA I32541822792 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
15 Chancey, Julia  1911Pike, Alabama, USA I32541822207 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
16 Kelley, Emily J  Abt. 1836Pike, Alabama, USA I32541822650 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
17 McCall, Lillie Mae 'Macy'  23 Sep 1903Pike, Alabama, USA I32541823353 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
18 Nordan, Billy  1883Pike, Alabama, USA I32541821197 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
19 Nordan, John Samuel  17 Mar 1882Pike, Alabama, USA I32541820979 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
20 Nordan, Thomas 'Tommie'  Abt. 1870Pike, Alabama, USA I32541821666 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
21 Stephenson, John H  Abt. 1847Pike, Alabama, USA I32541824065 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barron, Eliza  May 1900Pike, Alabama, USA I32541822712 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
2 Beasley, Almer Earline  04 Nov 1902Pike, Alabama, USA I32541824544 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
3 Beasley, Benjamin A  28 Aug 1900Pike, Alabama, USA I32541823030 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
4 Beasley, George Leonard  11 Sep 1903Pike, Alabama, USA I32541821316 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
5 Beasley, John 'Robert'  1877Pike, Alabama, USA I32541821896 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
6 Beasley, Judge 'Thomas'  27 Dec 1943Pike, Alabama, USA I32541820352 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
7 Beasley, Mary Jane  Abt. Mar 1871Pike, Alabama, USA I32541822882 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
8 Beasley, Rebby Wyche  10 May 1915Pike, Alabama, USA I32541823638 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
9 Beasley, William 'Cecil'  07 Oct 1903Pike, Alabama, USA I32541822175 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
10 Beasley, William Leonard  25 Mar 1952Pike, Alabama, USA I32541822792 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
11 Faulk, Elianda 'Somantha'  26 Dec 1945Pike, Alabama, USA I32541821556 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
12 Harris, W Gafford  29 Dec 2005Pike, Alabama, USA I32541820457 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
13 McDonald, Martha C  25 Apr 1949Pike, Alabama, USA I32541820124 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
14 Peacock, Pocahontas H  15 Jan 1918Pike, Alabama, USA I32541820729 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
15 Thompson, Samuel E  23 Oct 1910Pike, Alabama, USA I32541820032 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beasley, Almer Earline  Pike, Alabama, USA I32541824544 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
2 Beasley, Edward Orlando  Pike, Alabama, USA I32541822213 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
3 Beasley, George Leonard  Pike, Alabama, USA I32541821316 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
4 Beasley, Murray Lafayette Jr  Pike, Alabama, USA I32541824652 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
5 Chance, Marguerite  Pike, Alabama, USA I32541821527 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
6 Dismukes, Jimmie H  Pike, Alabama, USA I32541823572 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
7 Harris, W Gafford  Pike, Alabama, USA I32541820457 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
8 Peacock, Pocahontas H  Pike, Alabama, USA I32541820729 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adams / Beasley  24 Jun 1946Pike, Alabama, USA F1667 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
2 Barefoot / Beasley  25 Dec 1952Pike, Alabama, USA F128 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
3 Beasley / Barron  10 Jul 1856Pike, Alabama, USA F1574 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
4 Beasley / Bristow  08 Nov 1860Pike, Alabama, USA F770 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
5 Beasley / Butts  25 Dec 1899Pike, Alabama, USA F619 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
6 Beasley / Carlisle  25 Dec 1955Pike, Alabama, USA F98 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
7 Beasley / Faulk  28 Apr 1877Pike, Alabama, USA F834 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
8 Beasley / Jinright  24 Dec 1945Pike, Alabama, USA F732 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
9 Beasley / Kelley  19 Nov 1860Pike, Alabama, USA F1700 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
10 Beasley / Livingston  03 Jan 1926Pike, Alabama, USA F1269 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
11 Beasley / McDonald  13 Mar 1919Pike, Alabama, USA F1513 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
12 Beasley / McVay  Mar 1963Pike, Alabama, USA F85 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
13 Beasley / Soles  14 Jul 1853Pike, Alabama, USA F1573 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
14 Floyd / Beasley  25 Apr 1909Pike, Alabama, USA F131 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
15 Gilmer / Sharpe  20 Nov 1902Pike, Alabama, USA F1334 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
16 Gilmore / Stevenson  15 Dec 1870Pike, Alabama, USA F265 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
17 Harris / Beasley  06 Mar 1938Pike, Alabama, USA F1338 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
18 Nordan / Stevenson  04 Feb 1867Pike, Alabama, USA F592 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
19 Osteen / Gilmore  23 Sep 1900Pike, Alabama, USA F274 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
20 Sessions / Beasley  01 Feb 1920Pike, Alabama, USA F733 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
21 Sessions / Taylor  12 Jan 1947Pike, Alabama, USA F300 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
22 Stephenson / Barefoot  03 Jun 1873Pike, Alabama, USA F1714 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
23 Stevenson / Beasley  25 Sep 1846Pike, Alabama, USA F1299 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 
24 Wilson / Beasley  27 Jun 1880Pike, Alabama, USA F326 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 


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   Family    Divorce    Family ID   Tree 
1 Beasley / Jinright  Jul 1951Pike, Alabama, USA F732 OLIVE-RobertBeasley1750NC 

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