The Beas-Trees

An archive of Beasley Lineage Trees

Caroline County, Virginia, USA


Tree: YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA

Latitude: 38.025803, Longitude: -77.348442


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beasley, Clarence Edward  24 Mar 1907Caroline County, Virginia, USA I121 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
2 Beasley, James Madison  20 Oct 1830Caroline County, Virginia, USA I141 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
3 Beasley, Luther Madison  1866Caroline County, Virginia, USA I307 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
4 Beazley, Allene "Allie" Davis  3 Jul 1880Caroline County, Virginia, USA I17 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
5 Beazley, Edward Thomas  Abt 1854Caroline County, Virginia, USA I269 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
6 Beazley, Emmett Gordon  1 Oct 1922Caroline County, Virginia, USA I38 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
7 Beazley, Eva Clyde  1882Caroline County, Virginia, USA I303 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
8 Beazley, Frank Conway  Jun 1887Caroline County, Virginia, USA I103 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
9 Beazley, James Knox  20 Sep 1839Caroline County, Virginia, USA I249 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
10 Beazley, James W  Abt 1874Caroline County, Virginia, USA I10 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
11 Beazley, John Butler  18 Aug 1876Caroline County, Virginia, USA I30 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
12 Beazley, Latimer Livingston  20 Dec 1891Caroline County, Virginia, USA I175 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
13 Beazley, Letitia Jane (Tessie)  4 Jun 1881Caroline County, Virginia, USA I53 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
14 Beazley, Liburn  Abt 1805Caroline County, Virginia, USA I244 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
15 Beazley, Louisa Ann  Abt 1838Caroline County, Virginia, USA I210 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
16 Beazley, Lucy Alice  19 Nov 1846Caroline County, Virginia, USA I231 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
17 Beazley, Maria Ellen  Abt 1834Caroline County, Virginia, USA I247 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
18 Beazley, Martha Lou "Mattie"  Abt 1875Caroline County, Virginia, USA I128 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
19 Beazley, Mary Elizabeth "Polly"  24 Feb 1802Caroline County, Virginia, USA I243 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
20 Beazley, Mary M  Abt 1842Caroline County, Virginia, USA I208 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
21 Beazley, Mattie Bertha  21 Apr 1896Caroline County, Virginia, USA I107 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
22 Beazley, Nettie M  Aug 1869Caroline County, Virginia, USA I80 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
23 Beazley, Otho Jennings  28 Nov 1866Caroline County, Virginia, USA I79 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
24 Beazley, Otho Perry  17 Sep 1876Caroline County, Virginia, USA I129 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
25 Beazley, Stanley Floyd  5 Dec 1913Caroline County, Virginia, USA I211 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
26 Beazley, William T  Abt 1870Caroline County, Virginia, USA I9 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
27 Brown, Grace Lee  30 Jul 1912Caroline County, Virginia, USA I14 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
28 Chenault, Ossie Marian  14 Jul 1887Caroline County, Virginia, USA I328 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
29 Elliott, Ruth Virginia  30 Nov 1895Caroline County, Virginia, USA I120 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
30 Gray, Cora Lee  11 Sep 1875Caroline County, Virginia, USA I221 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
31 Gray, James Edward  Abt 1866Caroline County, Virginia, USA I135 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
32 Gray, McKenzie K Sr.  Abt 1802Caroline County, Virginia, USA I238 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
33 Gray, William Thomas  4 Jul 1826Caroline County, Virginia, USA I236 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
34 Haynes, Hanna L  14 Jul 1879Caroline County, Virginia, USA I82 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
35 Haynes, Hannah L  14 Jul 1879Caroline County, Virginia, USA I174 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
36 Jordan, Everett Clark  23 Mar 1892Caroline County, Virginia, USA I108 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
37 Marmaduke, Pearl Lee  31 May 1911Caroline County, Virginia, USA I216 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
38 Moore, John Robert  3 Mar 1876Caroline County, Virginia, USA I5 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
39 Pollard, Elva Bernice  14 Jan 1927Caroline County, Virginia, USA I252 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
40 Whittaker, Robert Samuel  Abt 1856Caroline County, Virginia, USA I284 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
41 Wright, Belle Deria  1848Caroline County, Virginia, USA I123 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Acors, James Bennett Sr  7 Jan 1911Caroline County, Virginia, USA I172 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
2 Beasley, Andrew Jackson "Jack"  18 Mar 1932Caroline County, Virginia, USA I201 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
3 Beasley, Luther Madison  8 Oct 1921Caroline County, Virginia, USA I307 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
4 Beasley, Roland  21 Jun 1952Caroline County, Virginia, USA I127 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
5 Beazley, Armistead  Bef 1900Caroline County, Virginia, USA I245 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
6 Beazley, Frank Conway  Abt 1908Caroline County, Virginia, USA I103 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
7 Beazley, James Knox  25 Jul 1915Caroline County, Virginia, USA I249 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
8 Beazley, James W  Feb 1877Caroline County, Virginia, USA I10 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
9 Beazley, Lavinia "Vennie"  6 Apr 1926Caroline County, Virginia, USA I26 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
10 Beazley, Letitia E  16 Jul 1924Caroline County, Virginia, USA I235 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
11 Beazley, Liburn  Bef 1860Caroline County, Virginia, USA I244 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
12 Beazley, Martha Lou "Mattie"  1900Caroline County, Virginia, USA I128 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
13 Beazley, Mary M  Bef 1952Caroline County, Virginia, USA I208 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
14 Beazley, Virginia Frances  30 Jul 1915Caroline County, Virginia, USA I142 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
15 Beazley, William Franklin  11 Aug 1925Caroline County, Virginia, USA I234 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
16 Beazley, William T  Jun 1876Caroline County, Virginia, USA I9 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
17 Haynes, Lewis Edward  24 May 1885Caroline County, Virginia, USA I69 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
18 Pollard, Elva Bernice  6 Nov 2014Caroline County, Virginia, USA I252 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
19 Samuel, Sarah Ruth  22 Oct 2002Caroline County, Virginia, USA I36 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beasley, Andrew Jackson "Jack"  Caroline County, Virginia, USA I201 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
2 Beasley, Luther Madison  Caroline County, Virginia, USA I307 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
3 Beazley, Edward Thomas  Caroline County, Virginia, USA I269 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
4 Gray, Cora Lee  Caroline County, Virginia, USA I221 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anderson / Beazley  5 Jan 1871Caroline County, Virginia, USA F18 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
2 Beazley / Brooks  12 Dec 1865Caroline County, Virginia, USA F54 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
3 Beazley / Houston  23 Aug 1838Caroline County, Virginia, USA F72 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
4 Gray / Beazley  26 Feb 1824Caroline County, Virginia, USA F47 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 
5 Gray / Beazley  17 Apr 1851Caroline County, Virginia, USA F46 YELLOW-WilliamBeazley1780VA 

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